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Structural Modeling for a Primary Circular Permutant


* Format: PDB + chain ID. If there is no chain ID,
input 4-letter code or use '_' for the chain ID.
Example: 1rx4A, 1jul, 1HEL_

& Chain ID in this file:
* If there is no chain ID, please leave it blank or use '_'.

CP site: (required) * Here a CP site also means the starting residue of the simulated circular permutant.
For instance, CP site = 10 means that the original residue 10
will be the first residue of the simulated circular permutant.

Sequence of the inserted linker (optional):

* Format: FASTA or a raw sequence


CirPred is the first structure modelling and linker design system for a powerful protein engineering technique known as circular permutation (CP), which can be visualized as if the native termini of a protein were linked and new ones created elsewhere.

We have previously developed CPred and (PS)2, a viable CP site predictor and a protein structure prediction system, respectively. Here we integrate the artificial intelligence methods applied in CPred and the modelling algorithm of (PS)2, along with MODELLER and Gromacs, and present the CirPred.

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Lo WC, Wang LF, Liu YY, Dai T, Hwang JK, Lyu PC: CPred: a web server for predicting viable circular permutations in proteins.
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Lo WC, Lee CC, Lee CY, Lyu PC: CPDB: a database of circular permutation in proteins.
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Lo WC, Lyu PC: CPSARST: an efficient circular permutation search tool applied to the detection of novel protein structural relationships.
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